"AED's should be priced affordably enough so they are available for everyone!!"

Harvard Reynolds


Our company was formed in response to the 1999 cardiac arrest death of our founder's father. As such, we are committed to offering our complete product-line of safe and easy-to-use AED's at prices whereby they are affordable for most everyone and most every organization. In order to raise the standard of heart safety for our communities, AED's need to be placed within business settings, school systems, places of worship, recreation facilities - anywhere where people may congregate, including within personal home environments./p>

To make AED's available for most everyone, we offer the "Grants for AED's" program - an initiative which allows for the ability to purchase AED's at the most affordable prices available.

If you (or your organization) are interested in receiving information about the "Grants for AED's" program, please call us at (866) 932-2331, or to facilitate your request for information, please fill-in the fields below accordingly. When you have completed entering the data below, please click the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of this page.

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*Medical Oversight Direction is an AED industry term which relates to managing and monitoring all AED's. This service is ideal for organization which have AED's and is designed to reduce the exposure of liability, as well as to maintain federal/state/local government compliance issues related to the placement of all AED's.

**Protecting your privacy is a primary concern of LifeGuard. We will not divulge or sell your information to third parties. Personal and business information will only be used by LifeGuard.